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The Predictable Pendulum

Nobody ever spit on me, but I do remember one pimply-faced kid saying “Oh, look, a baby-killer” when he so astutely observed a young, fit Jim Flinchum with short hair returning to college in 1970.  Over the next few years, there were several minor snubs, none of which mattered . . . then or now.

But, somehow a nation of 300  million people got embarrassed by their treatment of returning veterans.  Every Veterans Day and Memorial Day, the praise flows like the Mississippi.  Now, it seems to permeate every holiday.

Today is our Independence Day, when we used to marvel at the foresight of the visionaries in Philadelphia, who brought the concept of democracy into reality.  Independence Day was a day to be thankful for the nation we inherited.

Yet, somehow, it has become just another opportunity to rain more praise upon veterans one more time.  I agree veterans deserve praise, but how much is enough?  Doesn’t our nation deserve as much or more praise?

Maybe, the relentless carpet-bombing of our national psyche by politicians and pundits has made us forget — or even made us ashamed?  Maybe, the pendulum will swing back, and we will once again become embarrassed and praise our nation . . . as well as our veterans!