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The Silly Season


No disrespect to the current President or any past President, but the State of the Union (SOTU) message is even more over-rated and more over-hyped than the SuperBowl –assuming that is possible.

As we know, existentialists have a “thing” about absurdity.  It simply drives them crazy, but they still cannot stop watching it — like watching a slow-motion train wreck.  So, I’m rather proud of the fact that I fell asleep during last night’s version of the SOTU message after only 30 minutes.

What is so absurd you ask?  Well, you get about 600 people crammed into one room on a cold January night.  Then, they all cheer when someone walks in, even though half of the people can’t stand him.  They even give him a standing ovation, before they divide themselves into one group that applauds everything and another group that applauds nothing.  Lastly, that person brags about how good everything is and then speaks about things that will never happen.

Economists pretty much agree that presidents get more credit than they deserve when the economy is good and more blame than they deserve when the economy is bad.  That doesn’t seem to matter during the SOTU message!

I’m just thankful that both the SOTU message and the SuperBowl are in the same week.  That’s what the dead-of-winter is good for . . .

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