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The Wisdom of Geeks


The American Economics Association (AEA) is populated by mostly academics and is consequently more theoretical.  I was a member exactly one year.  The National Association of Business Economics (NABE) is populated mostly by economists working in the real world.  NABE is NOT a bastion of liberal college professors, and I have been a member for many years.

NABE just released their latest survey of members, and here a few highlights:

1.  The majority think fiscal policy is “too stimulative,” while monetary policy is about right.

2.  The Trump tax cut is good for the economy in the short run but bad in the long run.

3.  There is a low probability of infrastructure legislation this year.

4.  The President’s executive actions on regulations are good for the economy.

5.  The President’s executive actions on immigration are bad for the economy.

6.  86% believe debt will be a larger share of GDP in ten years.

All I can add is . . . AMEN!

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