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Those Silly Foreigners

Everybody knows that immigrants are bad.  They take our jobs.  They suck up welfare dollars and healthcare dollars and education dollars.  Most of all, they violate our laws, believing that their families are more important to them than our laws — how silly!

So, what’s wrong with the U.K., Canada, Japan and Australia?  According to The Wall Street Journal, they’re easing immigration rules!  They actually need more immigrants as laborers – silly talk?  Even Germany is expected to relax their immigration rules in the near future.  Believe it or not, several counties in the Middle East are already doing the same.  The world has changed.

Part of the change is due to birth control – no first-world country is producing enough babies!  Therefore, it is their own fault they are short on workers, right?  Blame the “pill”??  Of course, they could always slow down their economies, so they wouldn’t need additional labor.  Should we do that?

If we want to solve the immigration problem on our southern border, we could simply airlift many planeloads of Hispanic workers to the U.K., to Canada, to Japan, to Australia, to Germany,  We could avoid future increases in welfare costs, in healthcare costs, and in education costs, using that savings to offset airplane costs now.  Besides, we can call it “foreign aid”!  Clearly, the U.S. don’t want any more workers?  Let the silly foreigners have them!

Huh . . . ?