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Three Brainy Thoughts


There were three interesting takeaways from my recent class on brain health.  One was, if a person is very concerned about approaching brain disease such as dementia, make sure they have completed their financial and estate plan BEFORE getting the medical diagnosis.  If they do have onset of brain disease, they may lack the ability and will certainly lack the confidence to complete their financial plan later.  If they do NOT have any brain disease, they will finally have completed their planning.  Win-win!

Second, forgetting things is routine and perfectly normal.  If you walk into a large parking lot and totally forget where you parked – big deal — that means nothing.  Just keep looking.  However, you might walk into a large parking lot and have trouble locating your car.  If you don’t spend time looking and immediately call the police to report a stolen car, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Third, if you want a confidential preliminary assessment of the probability that you will eventually suffer from dementia, go to  This is NOT a case of whatever will be, will be.  There are SIX things you can do to actually reduce the probability of brain disease.  Knowledge is power!


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