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Too Clean or Too Wholesome?

I have been to South America once, Asia three times, and Europe at least twenty times, but the cleanest city I’ve ever seen is Salt Lake City.  It is almost scary-clean.  Even though it has undergone substantial redevelopment since I was here two years ago, the construction sites are even clean, which is hard to comprehend.  There is virtually no litter!

It is a city that has not experienced as much diversity as other cities, and enjoys low unemployment.  Also, with a relatively low crime rate, I feel totally safe even after dark.  In fact, the only person I saw jay-walking was that guy in the mirror this morning.  It is like the movie “Pleasantville” grows up to become a city!

Still, there is a crushing wholesomeness to it all.  The “Stepford Wives” movie was not filmed here but could have been.  Fashions are very modern and often racy, but you cannot buy a beer unless you buy some food to accompany it.

Utah is one of the reddest states in America, but the newspapers are reporting a growing anger toward Congress and the Republican Party over both climate change and immigration reform.  Change is coming to Pleasantville.  Maybe, it will become acceptable some day NOT to be a Stepford Wife?