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Too Much Information

I’ve long respected the late Queen Elizabeth for providing the “stiff upper lip” to the British people but thought the remainder of the Royals were just a bunch of pampered sissies, except for the two princes. While both had military service, William was a military bureaucrat, and Harry went to Afghanistan TWICE. Obviously, I respect Prince Harry but regret his comment about killing exactly 25 enemy soldiers.

While I was in Army Special Forces, I only met one member who bragged about killing the enemy, and I suspected he was crazy. He alleged that he had killed exactly 71 (not 70 or 72) women, children, and old men in one raid but was uncertain how many he had killed during his entire deployment.

My point is that it is a rare soldier who keeps a running total and even more rare one who brags about it. I wish Harry had not shared his body count. It reflects badly.