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Translation, Please!

Few subjects are more vexing than immigration.  My religious training is that we are obligated to feed and clothe the poor.  My military training makes me intolerant of rule-breakers.  My economic training asks how much money for how many people for how long before they start paying taxes?  However, my political experience tells me that my Republican friends are utterly obsessed with the immigration problem, while my Democratic friends still view the problem as just another type of racism.

There is no religious solution, nor military solution, nor simple economic solution.  For a political solution, the Republicans must care less, while Democrats must care more.  Republicans need to tone down their Fox-fueled fury and the Democrats need to simply pay serious attention.  (Allowing this to ferment further is a subsidy to Fox advertising revenue.)

One side speaks Greek, while the other side speaks Polish.  I’m not sure which side speaks which language, but I do try to understand both.