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Treadmill Thoughts

At the gym today, I was lucky enough to find a treadmill that could see two separate televisions, with Fox News on one and MSNBC on the other.  As you know, they are slightly different.  After all, one speaks Greek, and the other speaks Polish, i.e., languages coded to their particular viewers.

The Fox screen showed much consternation about the hypocrisy of Democrats,who cursed fired FBI Director Comey last year and love him this year.  The MSNBC screen showed much consternation that the probe into Russian ties to the Administration was threatened.  Fox is right that Democrats are being hypocritical, just like all politicians, including Republicans.  MSNBC is wrong to suggest Republicans don’t care if Russia interferes with our elections.

My first thought is that it is vitally important for Republicans to watch MSNBC more often and for Democrats to watch Fox News.  (It is also important to avoid all news shows one day a week, particularly on Saturdays.)

With respect to Comey, he probably deserved to be fired, but that is wholly irrelevant.  What matters is the probe into Russian ties.  I was comfortable with Comey leading that probe, as I felt Americans could be confident with his findings.  Now, we do need a special prosecutor, which is expensive and crippling to the process of governing but more necessary than ever.  What good are findings by a bunch of politicians, now that the process has been so politicized.  No, it doesn’t matter which party politicized it.  The only way to de-politicize the probe at this point is to appoint a special prosecutor.  The goal is to produce findings that both sides have confidence in!