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Two Things To Remember


People disagree on which TV commercial by Apple is the best one.  Most think it was the iconic “1984” commercial.  My vote goes to the “Lemmings” commercial, which was aimed at IBM users.  You can see it here: 
Attending a local church service, where it is customary for the congregation to stand up occasionally, primarily to sing, I watched an older gentleman stand up at the wrong time.  Thinking the gentleman knew something nobody else knew, the entire congregation slowly also stood up with him.  Jointly realizing their shared error, the congregation sat down, while softly laughing at themselves.
Last week, a respected politician predicted, without any satisfaction or joy, that there will be a major constitutional crisis in 8-9 months, emphasizing how important it will be for Americans to think for themselves, without regard to the news source they normally watch.  How do you tell a lemming to change their behavior?  Can we survive a major constitutional crisis, if we cannot laugh at ourselves? 
There are two things to remember:
1.)  Young people may not remember the Watergate constitutional crisis, but there were no winners!
2.)   We will survive the next constitutional crisis!

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