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Unpaid Commercial and/or Cultural Announcement

It is true that music can calm the savage beast.  It can also bring peace to a tormented soul, at least temporarily.  It is a type of medicine for most.  I hate to see it suffer.

For the first time, I ask for your support of the Virginia Symphony (VSO) in general and their patriotic July 4th performance in particular.  Here is their request:

You are probably aware that the funding for the VSO July 4th Celebration has been withdrawn.  Williamsburg is one of only four places on the east coast (Williamsburg, Boston, New York and Washington, D.C.) that has a symphony playing wonderful appropriate music to enhance the celebration

We are trying to continue this symphonic enhancement of the Celebration for all of us to enjoy. In order to do that, Bert Aaron and Adam Steely have opened a KICKSTARTER crowd funding site. We urge you to please pass on this link to all of your contacts, media and otherwise. 

Click on this link to go to the KICKSTARTER site.

If you lose the link, just Google KICKSTARTER Virginia Symphony.  The more people who are aware the more the possibility of success!