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As we usher out 2016 and usher in 2017, my thoughts turn to difficult transitions.  Which is more difficult:  ushering a child into the world or ushering a parent out of it?

The processes of ushering in versus ushering out are very different.  The first is largely a happy process, while the latter process is difficult.

With a child, you enjoy watching them develop their faculties. With a parent, it is heart-breaking to watch them lose those faculties.

Most children learn to think and reason better with time, but only until they become aged and the trend reverses.

Most children view the world and try to adapt to it.  Parents are often held hostage by the things they have already learned or experienced.

A child enjoys increasing control over their life.  A parent faces decreasing control.

You and your spouse have roughly the same emotional involvement with a child but not with a parent.  Ushering can be lonely.

While the measurement of difficulty is problematic, there is no doubt in my mind that it is far more difficult to usher out the older generation than usher in the new generation.

Parenting classes are commonplace for those ushering in kids.  What is the appropriate class for those ushering out parents and why are they not commonplace?

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