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Very Poor Taste


By the time I finished my first course in international economics years ago, I was excited about the ability of globalization to lift our nation and the world to greater wealth and prosperity.  When President Trump referred to us an “globalists,” I thought that was benign and mildly amusing.  Later, he started dividing thoughts between globalists and nationalists.  That bothered me a little, as it presumed that those appreciate globalization cannot also care about their country, which was simplistic and patently untrue.  However, at the U.N. this week, the President of the United States said there are only globalists and patriots.   That deeply offends me!  An American is not a patriot if he supports globalization?

Mr. President, how dare you?

Until you have spent what-seems-like-an-eternity on your belly praying into the dirt, you have no right to ever use the term “patriot” again!  You obviously don’t know what it means and should forfeit your right to ever use that term!  Your treatment of the late Senator John McCain demonstrates your ignorance of patriotism.

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