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We’re # 14 !!!

The latest “Happiness” survey listed Norway as the happiest nation on Earth.  It may be just a happy coincidence that Norway also has the highest financial literacy, compared to the U.S., which was 14th, just behind the Czech Republic.

So, should high school students be required to take a financial literacy course?  I doubt anybody would object to increasing financial literacy before students enter the adult world, but the courses I have reviewed for high school students look more like a laundry list.  It is not overly-important that a young person distinguish carefully between a preferred stock and a zero coupon bond.  My experience suggests that knowing your behavioral type is more important.  Are you an aggressive 18-year-old who is bullet-proof and can easily pick the next Apple, but who panics at the first pullback or market dip?  If you are, how do you manage your portfolio?  How will you learn to have a strong stomach?

Memorizing a laundry list of financial products is nice, but studying the different investment behavioral types is more important.

Physician – heal thyself!  Investors – know thyself!!