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What-A-Day !

Existentialism was made for days like yesterday. Man’s inhumanity to man was demonstrated with the evil brilliance of Putin who blew up the Ukrainian dam, causing an unknown loss of life, billions of dollars of destruction, and effectively forestalling the expected military counter-offensive of Ukraine. It could be a turning point in this war.

Later in the day, the venerated sport of golf was forced into the deep pockets of Saudi Arabia, raising “sports-washing” to an art form, infuriating families who lost loved ones on 9-11, as well as golfers who loved the predictable traditionalism of golf, and annoying those traditional Americans who resent being told we must do business with people who chop journalists into pieces.

Of course, yesterday’s de rigueur mass shooting was a mere 90 miles up the interstate where teenagers were celebrating their high school graduation and decided to shoot each other instead, killing two while wounding another five. After all, why not?

Yesterday was also the 79th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, when 160 thousand allied soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy, leaving over eight thousand dead Allied bodies, plus about four thousand German bodies. Did you celebrate? Did you remember?

Existentialism is often called nihilistic, expecting bad outcomes but often with a wry humor . . . yeah!