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Who To Believe ?


Both Fox News and The Wall Street Journal are controlled by the same person, Rupert Murdoch.  Watching Fox News, one gets the clear impression that Americans are resoundingly in favor of the President and his goal of building The Wall along the Mexican border.  However, the newspaper reported that, three years ago, 49% of Americans believed that immigration helps the country more than it hurt.  Today, it has increased to 56%.  Even 38% of Republicans think immigration is a net benefit.  As the fervor against immigration is cooling off, so is the fervor against free trade (free of tariffs), dropping from 23% three years to 20% now.

The Journal speculates that the populist surge is receding.  They attribute some of that movement to the continued strong economy.  Another reason might be the President is wearing thin, even on his base.  They cite the loss of 40 seats in the recent House election is evidence of this shift.

So, is Fox News correct that Trump’s support is increasing or is The Journal correct that his support is decreasing.  Ask Mr. Murdoch!

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