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Who’s the Client ?


As we sit here, waiting for the next school shooting, it might be useful to consider the NRA’s deepest fear – allegedly – which is that the slippery-slope of responsible gun ownership leads to total confiscation of our weapons by “the” government.  Okay, let’s suppose that’s true and that gun ownership is outlawed.

There are already 360 million guns in America for 340 million Americans.  First thing, the government will ask people to turn in their weapons to the local police or somebody.  Maybe, 20% of us would do that.  60% might turn in one gun and hide the rest, which I would do.  The others will need to have their cold, dead fingers pulled out of the trigger guard.  To get the remaining weapons, it would require every member of the armed forces to search every home and yard of every American.  How else would they find the weapons hidden behind the drywall or buried in the back yard?  It is a stupid proposition.  Obviously, fear of confiscation is NOT what motivates the NRA.

Who loses, if guns are prohibited?  Gun manufacturers, of course.  The NRA does not exist for the protection of the Second Amendment, but for protection of gun manufacturers.  The NRA does not deserve to live, and I’m delighted their leader is under attack.  They deserve each other!

If the NRA ever realizes school kids are more important than gun manufacturers, I will consider renewing my long-lapsed membership.

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