Fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

Our objective is to help you achieve your goals.  Our clients want a long-term relationship with a financial advisor that they trust and know has their best interests in mind.

Our clients have chosen to work with us for a number of very important reasons. They want a financial advisor who:

  • Puts their interest first
  • Understands their specific financial situation
  • Offers straightforward advice that reflects their long-term goals
  • Recommends investment solutions that best fit their unique needs
  • Uses a fee-only structure that encourages unbiased advice

Do you have a financial plan in place?

Often, many individuals and families haven’t created a plan because they don’t know where to start or how to find an advisor with whom they feel comfortable.

At Bay Capital Advisors, we work with our clients and their families throughout the stages of their lives as they expand their families, change employment, start businesses, transition into retirement, and more.

Personalized Strategies

Whether you are concerned about having enough money in retirement, leaving a legacy for your family, planning for your kids’ education or giving to a non-profit organization that is important to you, we can help develop your plan.

We work closely with you to develop personalized strategies that can grow with you over the years. We understand that you have unique financial situations and goals. We dedicate the time needed to create customized strategies that align with your specific objectives and assist you in answering important questions such as:

  • When can I retire?
  • Do I have the right investment allocation and mix?
  • Can I afford to send my kids to college?
  • What are the elements of a sound estate planning strategy?
  • How can my portfolio meet my retirement income needs?
  • What are the tax planning implications of withdrawing from my different accounts?

Throughout the process, we offer education and insight into our recommendations and seek to empower you into taking an active role to confidently make decisions while pursuing financial independence.

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