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Wrong + Wrong = Right?


Yesterday was election day in America.  Across the country, there were numerous union-weakening measures, ALL of which went down in over-whelming defeat.

My experience with unions is that they produce armies of political zombies by smothering the individuality of their members.  They help perpetuate the entitlement culture that is a cancer on our country.  Yet, I was glad the union-weakening measures were defeated.

The irresponsible elimination of unions would be a unilateral disarmament before the corrupting flood of corporate money into politics.  The recent Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court made it even worse.

My favorite conservative intellectual is George Will, longtime columnist for Newsweek.  He has argued that corporations are entities which are denied the right to vote but easily victimized by the political process.  He argues the unlimited flow of corporate dollars into lobbyists to protect the corporation and employees is only fair. 

Like two drunks holding each other up, we need the smothering unions as much as we need the corrupting corporate money and lobbyists.  I would gladly support a measure to eliminate both but not one nor the other.

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