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Yada, Yada . . . Thoughts & Prayers . . .


Another fuzzy-faced delusional punk shot up a bunch a innocent people in Buffalo this weekend.  As is normal, his parents were shocked and heartbroken.  You can blame the parents, the kid, his guns, even the spineless, soul-less politicians who accept money from the National Rifle Association (NRA).  As a former member of the NRA, I blame the NRA.

In its mindless defense of the Second Amendment, the NRA has become an extremist organization.  More importantly, in its mindless defense of gun manufacturers, the NRA has become an accomplice to mass murder.  The NRA has killed more Americans than Russia!

Speaking as a life-long gun-lover, I hope the NRA is declared illegal and its senior leaders jailed.  Republicans blame the flow of mass shootings on mental illness, and there is a little truth to it.  Democrats blame the flow of murders on easy availability of guns, and there is definitely some truth to that.  I blame the bloodshed on the NRA, whose interest in the Second Amendment is secondary to their loyalty to gun manufacturers, who fund the purchase of soul-less politicians.

While it has been years since I last fired any of my guns, it gives me comfort to have them.  I respect the workmanship, the fine machining, ant the history of good guns.  I appreciate the security it gives me, but that security is compromised when any derelict can also have a gun.  The Second Amendment does not guarantee the right of every fussy-faced delusional punk to have a gun.  As implemented by the NRA, the Second Amendment only guarantees sales for the gun manufacturers.

Do we really need the manufacturers to produce more guns?  Well, we have about 340 million Americans, including women and children, and about 450 million guns.  How much is enough already?

Yes, I know gun manufacturers are needed for military armament, but the military should pay the full price, not a price subsidized by the profits of selling guns to fuzzy-faced punk kids.

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