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Most people recognize that physical health, mental health, and emotional health are three quite different types of health.  We learn about physical health in elementary school, learning the importance of exercise and good nutrition.  Later in life, we learn about mental health, learning the importance of stimulation and sleep.  Since the 1995 publication of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goodman, we have started learning about emotional health, especially emotional pollution.

We began associating aggressive behavior in kids to violent video games.  In the past year or so, pundits have begun associating the hostile public polarization in terms of emotional pollution coming from the different political echo chambers.  A daily dose of Fox TV creates rabid Republicans, not moderate Republicans, while a daily dose of MSNBC creates rabid Democrats, not moderate Democrats.  They are violent video for grownups!

I have long advocated one news-free day every week.  That is called Saturday in my home.  That is undeniably beneficial for my emotional health.  No news except sports news permitted!

However, that is no longer enough to manage your emotional health, to take the hard edge off.  Now, I make a point of watching Republican TV (Fox) one day a week and Democratic TV (MSNBC) a different day each week.  Do you want to be”fair and balanced” or don’t you?  It’s better for your emotional health to be honestly balanced.

Consider watching Newsy TV, which prides itself on NOT only being non-partisan, but also being “anti-partisan.”  You can expect the level of news pollution to rise dramatically ahead of next year’s election — what will you do to protect yourself?