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Welcome to The Flinchum File

I am an Accredited Investment Fiduciary at Bay Capital Advisors, an investment firm headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. After retiring from Truist Bank, I started this firm to work more closely with a smaller number of clients, and it has been great! Our client load is about 25% of the national average.

Writing is not for the shy or the meek. It exposes a person’s mind and character. I hope you enjoy the view.

The opinions expressed in The Flinchum File are those of the writer, Jim Flinchum, and do not necessarily reflect those of Bay Capital Advisors, LLC

Generational Pigeon Holes ?

Generalizing individuals, especially millions of individuals, is tricky business and usually in bad taste, so here we go: Early last summer, the media was obsessed with the rapidly falling economy. While I can talk for hours about the defense measures our economy can deploy, I find it helpful to tailor my comments to the listener’s generation. After all, life’s expectations reflect life’s experiences. Members of…

Too Old To Care?

The local Veterans Administration medical system has a new, modern check-in procedure . . . by text message. There is just a large sign instructing veterans to text a five digit number, and they would then receive a reply-text with instructions on what identifying information is needed and must be entered by the veteran. I was sitting in back of the waiting room when an…

Protecting Presidents

It was 1969 that I was selected for a particular mission. We were told to report, of all places (?), to Fort Gulick in the American Canal Zone. When we arrived, we signed papers that said we would never disclose what we learned from the classified documents we would see. Punctual as always, the briefer and the documents arrived exactly on time. (We were even…

Too Much Information

I’ve long respected the late Queen Elizabeth for providing the “stiff upper lip” to the British people but thought the remainder of the Royals were just a bunch of pampered sissies, except for the two princes. While both had military service, William was a military bureaucrat, and Harry went to Afghanistan TWICE. Obviously, I respect Prince Harry but regret his comment about killing exactly 25…

A Thing of Beauty

Years ago, I enjoyed scuba diving and did many open-water dives, as well as night-dives, cave-dives and even shark-dives, but the dive I remember most often was a drift-dive off Cozumel. For a drift-dive, you let the water current simply carry you along, drifting as the underwater world passes by. Cozumel has a ten mile long coral reef that you can watch while drifting. There…

Baby in the Bathwater

Thirteen years ago, Bitcoin started to show up in the financial media. Soon, there were other crypto-currencies. Today, there are hundreds. This delighted younger investors, as well as younger advisors, as it was something new that older investors and older advisors could never understand nor appreciate. Annoyed, I decided to make a deep-dive into the subject. My first conclusion was that, except for criminals, there…