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A Digital Tumor

Remember:  if you are not paying for a service, you are not the client.  Instead, YOU are the product!  Somebody is paying money for information about you or for access to you.

Readers know I have long believed that Facebook is a cancer on America.

Facebook users pay nothing to Facebook.  But they do enter information about themselves, which Facebook then sells to advertisers.

Now, a devastating investigation by The Wall Street Journal has exposed a casual indifference to anything not in the best interest of Facebook.  For example, Facebook fancies itself the guardian of the First Amendment or freedom of speech.  They claims it opens the world, by giving voice to everyday people, as long as they follow Facebook’s “rules.”   The Journal has discovered that the Facebook has a “whitelist” of select individuals who are not subject to rules and have “more” freedom of speech than others.  Hypocritical?

More importantly, three years ago, it was exposed that Facebook KNEW their wholly-owned Instagram was unhealthy for young girls, causing bad body image problems and possibly clinical depression and suicide.  An internal report stated “We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls.”  Knowing that, how can Facebook execs sleep at night?

Facebook employees have identified drug dealers using the site, coordinating actions and recruiting “hit men.”   Facebook found users recruiting girls for human trafficking.  How does CEO Mark  Zuckerman sleep at night?  In Congressional testimony, he has promised that Facebook is “working on it.”  Apparently, without much success?

Also, the Capitol insurrectionists found Facebook an easy and convenient place to conspire.  I’m confident that time will reveal even more horrors made possible by Facebook.  Maybe, nobody should sleep . . .

Certainly, Facebook is not all bad.  After all, some users are entertained, and that has some value, but is that benefit worth the pain?  I don’t think so!

Facebook actually encourages more regulation.  I assume that is because they are profitable enough to pay it and to watch smaller rivals suffer.  It is not too-big-to-fail but is too-big-to-regulate and too-complicated-to-regulate.

Like all tumors, Facebook should be removed.