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Changing Dance Partners

In this country, we tend to see people as members of the Republican Religion or the Democratic Religion.  In other countries, we tend to see people merely as members of the conservatives or the liberals/progressives.  That has been a convenient way to pigeon-hole or label individuals for a long time.

But, maybe that is changing?  The Brexit election in England last year was the first where voters were either nationalists or globalists.  To a large extent, our own presidential election last year divided us the same way.  The French election today will shed more light on this. ( La Pen represents the nationalists and is a direct threat to the future of the euro and possibly the eurozone.)

It is not news that “politics makes for strange bedfellows,” but I find myself agreeing with a strange new group and disagreeing with an equally strange group.  To be permanent, political parties must support the realignment, and I have trouble imagining the Republican faithful giving up on regulatory relief and Democrats giving up on fairness.  Of course, it is not a simple matter of giving up on existing goals but is instead a matter of re-prioritizing goals.

I’m not sure who I am currently dancing with . . . ?

Are you a nationalist or a globalist?