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As we all know, husbands and wives can often disagree. The recent case of a young Air National Guardsman leaking confidential reports illustrates the point. I would characterize him as young punk with more opinions than thoughts, who should learn that the punishment for treason is, as Samuel Johnson’s famously said “There’s nothing like a hanging in the morning to clear a man’s thoughts.”

Wives are different!

She read a series of articles in The Wall Street Journal a few years ago that young women on Wall Street have trouble finding dates, because young men their own age are so immature, reminding one woman the kids she would babysit in high school.

Knowing my thoughts that treason should be punishable by death, she described the latest research from an NYU psychologist, who explained that about 60% of young people meet prospective dating partners online. Because young people are more conditioned to value outer beauty over inner beauty, only 20% of the eligible males are rated high enough for young women to approach. That means 80% of eligible males receive relatively little attention from eligible females, causing them feelings of inferiority. The only way those “losers” can feel manly is to hug their guns and radical politics. Their only alternative is to play video games with their other loser friends.

Huh? What about the 80% of eligible females that are not attractive enough for eligible men to approach?

I understand that social media is a poor substitute for in-person relationships and am sympathetic for anyone missing those vital in-person relationships, but I still think a conviction for treason REQUIRES a good hanging in the morning.