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Education Exercise

There are many ways to spend time, without watching well-meaning windbags pretend to debate each other.  Last night, when changing channels, I landed on such a “debate.”  During the five seconds required to enter another channel number into my remote, I heard one windbag suggest that community college should be free.  I remember thinking “fat chance” before that windbag was gone.

Four or five commercials later, I was thinking about a lecture I recently attended on “brain hygiene.”   The takeaway is that, as America ages, we need to stop ignoring the aging of our brains.  One way to fight the aging is an hour of hard, sweaty exercise every day.  Another is to limit fat in our diet.  Most important is brain exercise.  This is not doing a crossword puzzle.  It requires something more strenuous, such as reading a textbook.

So, if community college is free, maybe community college should also be mandatory – requiring retirees to take a course every semester?  What course would you take?  How do you exercise your brain now?