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Got Googled ?

Like a high-maintence ex-wife, it was almost pleasant when Google took down this blog last week.  At first, I enjoyed the freedom from maintaining it . . . but soon started missing it. 

The late Charlottesville billionaire, John Kluge, once described his last ex-wife as being his favorite ex-wife.  I’ve written one award-winning book and am working on another.  I’ve written countless columns and even won an award for that.  But, this blog is my favorite avenue for writing. 

Blogs are often described as a “flow-of-consciousness,”  but I see it more as a “flow-of-observations.”  I try to focus attention on some of the 130 economic reports issued each month and explain them.  I try to identify market trends without giving investment advice, because that is illegal.  Lastly, I try to expose a sardonic existential perspective; to demonstrate it is perfectly normal to distrust “systems” and to enjoy irony.

So, I’m glad Google has released my hostage-blog and glad to be connecting again.  But, I was kidding about missing that ex-wife . . .