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How Will You Know ??

A few half-truths, along with some glaring omissions, can produce a dangerous weapon.  If you can confuse somebody, you can control them.

As an example, take a look at this:

How many half-truths did you hear?  How many obvious issues were ignored?

Still, the Tea Party does force some important questions.  How do you stage a reopening of the economy?  Germany reacted much quicker to the coronavirus crisis than the U.S. and has just started their process of reopening.  One interesting “baby step” for them was to reopen only the smallest retail stores first, like stationary shops.  It makes sense to help the smallest retailers first.  If shoppers continue to practice social-distancing in the small stores and if new infections don’t rise, larger stores and factories will soon open afterwards.  (Schools open May 4th.  Bars, gyms, nail salons & tattoo parlors open last.)   This sequencing is the easy part!

Here’s the hard part:  how will you know when you have to shut down again?  What metrics will you need?  Should there be a bright line that, when crossed, forces an automatic shutdown?