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I Told You So . . .

I will NOT say . . . I told you so.
I will NOT say . . . I told you so.
I will NOT say . . . I told you so.
I will NOT say . . . I told you so.

That expression is so sanctimonious but seems to mean less as we get older?

Yes, ten years ago, once I understood the business model of Google was to shred privacy, I became paranoid that Americans were giving up a basic right but didn’t realize it.  Google’s search engine offered too much value to be free.  They had to be making money by selling your data/privacy.  (Since then, I have avoided them like the plague, using BING instead which is only less bad.)

Now, we learn that Facebook is the master-shredder of privacy, likely allowing the Russians to interfere with our elections.  Maybe, I should thank Facebook for proving me right, allowing me to say “I told you so.”  The CEO of Facebook faces Congress this week, and I hope he gets crucified.  He is certain to be crucified if he testifies in Europe, where privacy is still appreciated.

First, the Google search engine was wonderful.  Then, Facebook sharing was so human.  Now, the Cloud is so efficient.  What could possibly go wrong with the Cloud?

Yes, there are benefits to sacrificing your privacy, because you get better (more focused) advertisements.  So what?  Who cares?  I don’t know how many millennials have told me that privacy is as over-rated as chastity, which is ridiculous.  They don’t miss what they never had!

When you see an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device in my home, then you will know that Hell has indeed frozen over and will never thaw.  Then, millennials can tell me “I told you so!”