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Just a menu . . .

Just as a person can consume too much food, a person can consume too much news.  I have long advocated for a one-news-free day every week (except for business news).  For myself, I avoid all news on Saturdays.  It doesn’t really matter which day of the week you avoid the news – just one day to let your natural optimism to bubble back up.

However, just as nutritionists tell us “you are what you eat,” it is important to be careful what news sources you watch.  You are what you watch!  If you watch Fox or MSNBC exclusively, you are in a cocoon and clueless!  Loyalty to your news source  — any news source –is not patriotic.  It is silly!

For 2021, I will limit my news consumption to two hours daily – half hour for local news, half hour for network news or NEWSY, and one hour for opinion news.  One day each week of opinion news will be spent on Fox, another day on MSNBC, another day on CNN , another day on PBS, and the last will be viewer’s choice.  Once a month for NewsMax is fine, and once whenever-hell-freezes-over is fine for One America News.

My point is that you’re faced with a menu of news sources.  If I could, I would have meat loaf 365 days a year.  Instead, I must consume my second and third or even fourth choices for dinner.  Don’t order what you want off the news menu, order what you need . . . which is what you don’t like!