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Land of Concertina

If you have ever wanted to see the beautiful country of South Africa, I recommend you do so within the next year. The pot is beginning to boil!

GDP growth rate is flat, compared to 2.2% in the U.S. and 6.8% in China.

Inflation is 6%, compared to 2% in the U.S.

Unemployment is 27%, compared to 4.1% in the U.S.  To appreciate how destabilizing this is, remember that U.S. unemployment never exceeded 25% even during The Great Depression!

Despite the “fall” of apartheid 25 years ago, the issue of race still dominates everything.  Remember the U.S. Emancipation Proclamation was in 1863, and we still have racial strife —154 years later.

The immediate past president is facing charges of corruption and wii probably go to jail next year.  His many supporters have a history of “taking to the streets.”

The current president is advocating confiscation of white-owned farmers without compensation.

Two hundred people move into Capetown everyday, fleeing violence in rural areas.

A tourist bus was fire-bombed in Soweto last week.

There is a national transportation strike by buses and taxis.

Government workers are striking for higher wages.

Everywhere I look, I see fences topped with sharp concertina wire.

Did I mention that 2019 is an election year, when passions are normally aroused.

Visit now or wait until the smoke clears, literally.