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Motherly Advice . . . ?

Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson famously sang “Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys”. That’s good advice, Mamas . . . but don’t let them grow up to be economists either! If you do, your kids will spend their lives learning obscure economic theories and studying endless economic data, that politicians & voters ignore!

Invariably, the political party controlling the White House – Red or Blue – will argue the economy is fine and getting better. The other political party will argue the economy is awful and getting worse! So, why does anybody listen to politicians about the economy anyway? People already know what they are going to hear but prefer staying in their cocoon.

The only reason politicians can talk about the economy is because the First Amendment guarantees their freedom to say stupid things — I mean — freedom of the speech/press. Maybe, Democrats should get all their economic news from Fox, and Republicans get all their news from MSNBC?

Of course, it is easier to listen to the talking idiots on Fox or MSNBC than than listen to a bunch of dry, economic nerds? Personally, I’d rather listen to Waylon & Willie!