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Only Two Choices


Q.  What’s the difference between Democratic economists and Republican economists?

A.  Democrats like Keynesian economics,while Republicans like Supply-side economics.

Q.  What’s the similarity between Democratic economists and Republican economists?

A.  Both love budget deficits but strongly deny it!

Q.  How do they justify such budget deficits?

A.  Republicans use deficits to make the economy better, while Democrats use deficits to keep the economy from getting worse.

Q.  Do either Republicans or Democrats ever reduce the national debt?

A.  No.  (Bill Clinton was the rare exception.)

Q.  How long will we keep hitting ourselves in the head with a hammer?

A.  I don’t know . . . until we kill ourselves?

Q.  How will we know when the political system is broken?

A.  Don’t you already know?

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