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R.I.P. Prince Phillip

Long ago, when I still believed that all men were created equal (women too!), I regarded Great Britain’s royal family as arguably the most over-pampered, over-privileged, over-paid, under-educated  and useless family on the planet.  I was wrong – very wrong . . . and apologize!

I have marveled at the calming influence that the Queen’s speeches have had on both Britain and America.  I admire and appreciate her.  She is an international treasure, so we grieve for her on losing her husband after 73 years of marriage at age 99.  He never forgot his place as merely the “consort” to the Queen and walked two paces behind her.  He loved her, loved his role, and loved his country.  I salute him.  He helped the Queen to be the “stiff upper lip” of the remaining British empire!

Of course, every family has a few warts and bumps, but so what?  They’re human too!  Who cares?

It is an open question whether the monarch-model can survive.  Once the calming-Queen dies, who can provide that calming?  Prince Charles, maybe?  Prince William, maybe?  I hope the model survives, as the continuity has value.

Recently, I read some of Churchill’s most famous speeches.   He could also deliver bad news and uplift the nation at the same time.  Maybe, we don’t need such a “tough” queen when there is such a tough Prime Minister.  I don’t know, but having a back-up inspirational leader is not a bad thing.

In the meantime, thank you, Great Britain, for sharing your inspirational leaders with your former colonists!

Rest-in-Peace, Prince Phillip!  You done good!!