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Supreme Help . . . Please!

The pundit class is upset because the Supreme Court has declined to review any cases on same-sex marriage for this upcoming term.  Lost in their consternation, nobody has noticed the Court did take up two cases on redistricting, which I believe is the source of all political evil and far more important than same-sex marriage.

First, they will review whether the new Alabama redistricting plan discriminates against African-Americans.  While that is certainly understandable, how about discrimination against political moderates who lose their voice when their districts are skewed either to the left or the right in order to protect some politician?

Second, they will review whether Arizona can take redistricting responsibility away from politicians and give it to an independent commission, as has been proposed in Virginia.  Politicians are opposed to this, as they will lose the ability to pick which areas get to vote for them.  They argue that redistricting is the people’s business, which should be done by their elected officials.  This is no different than arguing that only the foxes can guard the chicken coup.

Progress in Washington cannot be achieved until moderates have a chance to return, which will take many years at best.  The Supreme Court could help . . . please!