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Thank You, Mr President


While I have great respect for The Office of the President, I have rather less for the current occupant.  Therefore, when he does earn some respect, he deserves credit for it!

At the prodding of his daughter, the President signed an Executive Order last week establishing an office to combat human trafficking, which is a truly horrible blight on mankind.  He has even requested funding of $42 million to find and empower survivors.  Kudos, Mr. President and/or Ivanka!

Human trafficking exists when individuals are kidnapped into slavery.  Worldwide, it is estimated there are not less than a million slaves.  Able-bodied males are kidnapped to work under non-human conditions, whose bodies are simply discarded as they die.  That is labor trafficking.  As bad as that is, sex trafficking is even more disgusting as young girls are kidnapped to have endless sex with disgusting men, and their bodies are also simply discarded as they die.  (Surprising to me, about 15% of sex trafficking is by kidnapped young boys.)

With absolute seriousness, if you don’t have a visual image of sex trafficking, watch Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo: Last Blood, where Rambo raises and loves a niece who is kidnapped into sex slavery.  After he is unsuccessful in rescuing her, he proceeds to kill her tormentors.  Bloody and grievously injured, he sits in a rocking chair to die contentedly.  That would be a good death.

I pray that the President and/or Ivanka lobby Congress vigorously for spending approval and to shine light on this blight.  In addition, I pray readers contribute to

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