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What, me worry??

I like steaks – big, medium-rare, slabs of beef, along with a bottle of delicate Merlot.  But, I don’t like climate change.  Most everyone admits the climate is changing but argue whether mankind is responsible for that change.  My thought is that mankind is partially responsible for some portion of climate change, and I’m willing to reduce my carbon dioxide and methane footprints.  My wife drives a hybrid car, and I gave up steaks.

The methane produced by cows is 25 times more damaging to the ozone layer than carbon dioxide.  Estimates are that cows produce 15-40% of all methane released.  As an economist, it makes sense that reducing the demand for beef would reduce the population of cows, which would reduce the production of methane by cows.  So, I make the cardiologists happy by eating more fish.

Now, the Trump Administration has eliminated the methane curbs on energy production?!?!

Then, why should I try to reduce my methane footprint?  One flaring oil well releases more methane into the environment every minute than I can save in a lifetime of not eating beef.

Tomorrow night, I think I’ll have a big, medium-rare slab of beef, along with a bottle of delicate Merlot.  Then, I’ll raise a glass of that excellent wine and toast “the late, great planet Earth.”