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A Little Good News

Did you notice?  A little bi-partisanship has broken out in Congress!  It can happen!  Dogs and cats can get along, after all.  Who knew?

The cause is an interesting re-alignment going on.  Historically, we have viewed our leaders as “right or left” or as Republicans or Democrats.  That may be changing to globalists or nationalists.  The new bi-partisan hearings are a joint effort of Republican nationalists and Democratic nationalists.  (This reflects the continuing backlash against globalization — a great idea that was so poorly executed by Congress.)

Although I am globalist-to-the-core, I applaud these new hearings, where Congress is finally taking a hard look at the power of Big Tech, like Google, Facebook, etc.  Companies like this can abuse their power by over-charging customers, limiting competition, and mocking our privacy laws.  Go get’em, nationalists!

After that, I hope the nationalists will fix globalization, but please don’t “throw-out-the-baby-with-the-bath-water.”  The globalists will be glad to help you fix it!