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Holy Kid-Fest

An old friend was driving by and saw me.  As she slowed down and lowered her window, I rummaged in my pocket for a mask.

After exchanging the customary pleasantries, I asked if she had any special plans for Christmas?  She answered “Jim, you know I don’t have any kids.”

Later, I wondered about that linkage between kids and holy observances?  One theory is that kids need to be more comforted as they enter the long, dark winter.  Another is that children need to be bribed to behave and remain quiet during holy observances.

The more likely theory is that retailers wanted to avoid the inevitable slowdown in year-end sales caused by holy observances, so they slowly remade our winter-fest into a kid-fest.

I have long maintained that the most powerful business in America is the advertising business.  They guide the consuming by consumers and the voting by voters.  My inner economist thinks consuming is better for the economy than praying.  My inner cynic thinks Santa Claus is silly.  My inner existentialist thinks Santa Clause is absurd.  But, silly and absurd is not all bad.  If kids and retailers are happy, how can I say “humbug”?

After all, NORAD tracks Santa’s sleigh ride around the world for the kids, and Dr. Fauci swears he went to the North Pole to inject Santa with the vaccine.

Yes, I remember being a father on Christmas morning.  It was great!  Now, I can live vicariously through my friends who have kids and enjoy the overall spectacle.  It’s still great!  Whether it is Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanza, it’s all great!  So, just ENJOY IT!!