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Angry Old Men

Seldom do I listen to angry old white men, especially those who already know everything.  You know the type – more opinions than thoughts.  But, John Bolton does have an interesting opinion.

You’ll recall he was U.N. ambassador for President George W. Bush, and National Security Advisor to President Trump, until he was fired.

This weekend, he was discussing the latest massive hack of America’s computers by Russia, recalling the old homily that wars are too important for generals to run and suggested revenge for this hack is too important for “geeks” to run.  Even if Bolton is an angry old white man who knows everything, he’s right about this!

Retribution for this attack must be physical and economic, as well as digital.  At a minimum, let the geeks do equivalent damage to Russia.  Congress should add to – and tighten – the already existing trade sanctions and do so quickly.  The Pentagon should immediately take out selected prominent Russians.  Yes, I know that violence begats violence, but a massive cyber attack is violence.  The intent of their attack on us was NOT to help America!

Unfortunately, we will not use our “soft power” and I don’t understand why our President refuses to criticize Putin.  Trump respects wealth, and many believe Putin is the wealthiest man on the planet.  At the very least, condemnation of Putin is essential.  Sooner is better than later.