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Yet Another School Shooting

Gun lovers (like myself) say “This is crazy!”
Gun nuts say “This is crazy!”

Gun lovers say “There’s too many guns!”
Gun nuts say “There’s not enough guns!”

Gun lovers say “Conduct real background checks!”
Gun nuts say “Background checks give the government too much power!”

Gun lovers ask “Does everybody have the right to have guns!”
Gun nuts say “It’s already illegal for crazy people to have guns!”

Gun lovers ask “Do you really think the government could confiscate 330 million guns from 120 million people?”
Gun nuts respond “Yes, that’s why they have black helicopters and storm-troopers!”

Gun lovers ask “Which is more important:  the Second Amendment or your kid?”
Gun nuts respond “What a rude, stupid question – to rude & stupid to answer!”

Gun lovers say “You do know the Second Amendment is not absolute?  You cannot own a bazooka or a tank or a bomb.”
Gun nuts say “The Second Amendment should be absolute, but the Feds are infringing on our rights!”

Gun lovers say “This is crazy!”
Gun nuts say “This is crazy!”